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You can join FMC right now…

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FMC Individual Supporter membership  is available for anyone who wants to directly support the work of FMC. Membership benefits include subscription to Backcountry – the FMC Bulletin,and our FMC membership card, with associated discounts.

Individual Supporter Membership Conditions:

  • NZ Members: NZ$45 for an adult, $55 for a family. All individual supporters receive a membership card and the quarterly ‘Backcountry’  – the FMC Bulletin (Family membership entitles you to 2 Discount Cards (more may be supplied on request) and a quarterly ‘Backkcountry’).
  • Overseas Members: Australia $NZ55 for an adult, Rest of World $NZ60 for an adult.
  • Membership runs for 12 months from the month you joined. Membership may be cancelled at any time, no refund will be given.

Download a membership form: Individual Supporter Flyer  or join online here: Support FMC (payment by Credit Card or online banking).

You can Top-Up your support for FMC here too…

Top-Up here!

The FMC Top-Up is for affiliated club members who individually wish to Top-Up their level of support  for FMC to  the same level as FMC Individual Supporters. Key reasons to Top-Up include knowing FMC is speaking loudly and clearly for the outdoor community, helping keep affliation fees for all as low as possible and receiving the quarterly ‘Backcountry’ directly to your door.

FMC Top-Up Conditions:

  • To contribute the FMC Top-Up you must be a member of an FMC Affiliated Club,
  • The cost of the FMC Top-Up  is $30
  • Top-Ups run for 12 months from the month contributed.

Download the Top-Up membership form here: Top-Up Supporter Flyer   or join online here: Support FMC (payment by Credit Card or online banking).

And do join one of our affiliated clubs…

Find a Club!

The best way to develop your skills and knowledge in the outdoor is to join a club. Get new ideas for places to tramp, meet new people with similar interests, get good advice and instruction in tramping matters and receieve ‘Backcountry’ and FMC membership benefits.

Affiliate your Club or Group…

FMC welcomes affiliation applications from all clubs or groups that participate in active, non-motorised outdoor recreation pursuits in the backcountry. Applicant clubs or groups do not need to  be incorporated. Clubs may be partially or fully affiliated. In the former only some club members will be financially affiliated to FMC and receive the benefits of FMC membership, in the latter all club members will receive the full benefits of FMC membership.
Affiliated Clubs Membership Conditions

  • Partial Declaration: minimum of 5 members, $17 each
  • Full Declaration: minimum of 20 members, $15 each
  • Membership runs from March – February

To apply complete a Partial or Full affiliation application form.