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Join one of our affiliated clubs…

By joining one of FMC’s affiliated clubs, you’ll be contributing to FMC and will be able to access FMC benefits, including our FMC discount card and copies of our Backcountry magazine. Find a club which suits you, and join them directly.

We think that one of the best ways to develop your skills and knowledge in the outdoor is to join a club. Get new ideas for places to tramp, meet new people with similar interests, get good advice and instruction for getting into the mountains.

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Join as an FMC individual supporter

Anyone who wants to directly support the work of FMC can do so by becoming an Individual Supporter.

Benefits include:

Individual Supporter Categories:

  • NZ Adult:  $45  for a single person
  • NZ Family:  $55 for a family – this entitles you to 2 Discount Cards (More may be supplied on request)
  • NZ Youth:  $20  for people aged under 19 or still at secondary school
  • NZ Youth Leader: $30 * For people who are actively involved in training young people in outdoor skills through a school or Youth Organisation. Young people can access FMC benefits through the Youth Leader.  Learn more about how it works
  • Australia:  $NZ55 for an adult
  • Rest of World $NZ60 for an adult
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Supporter renewals

Please visit Renew Your Membership or contact administrator@fmc.org.nz for help.


Affiliate your club or group…

FMC welcomes affiliation applications from all clubs or groups that participate in active, non-motorised outdoor recreation pursuits in the backcountry. Affiliate now .

Why should your club affiliate?

Because your club cares about standing up for wise management of our Backcountry and protection of our recreational opportunities, but you your members don’t have the time, skills or resources to do so themselves. By affiliating your club and paying us a fee, you can rest a little easier, knowing that you’ve meaningfully contributed to the organisation which fights day in day out to advocate on your behalf, since 1931.

Plus, the more clubs and members we have, the stronger our collective voice becomes when we stand up in the public arena to achieve our mission. If you aren’t sure of what FMC is up to, then have a quick look at our latest news.

Additionally, affiliated clubs can access these services and benefits;

  • Seek advice and support. Affiliated clubs may directly request support and advice from FMC on any relevant matter (advocacy support for a local issue, advice on legal issues and so on)
  • Free promotion of club notices. Clubs may ask for FMC to promote their events, services, reunions, courses etc via FMC’s various communication channels.
  • Photo competition. Clubs are eligible to enter the best photos of their members for our annual competition, with great prizes.

What are our options for affiliation?

You choose how much you’ll pay to FMC. The annual amount is calculated by a set fee per member: You choose how many you members you pay FMC for. We urge clubs to dig deep: FMC relies primarily on membership fees to fund our vital work.

Clubs which “fully declare” [pay for] their entire membership get a discount on the per-member fee, and there are reduced fees for large clubs declaring over 600 members. Affiliate now.

  • Full Declaration: minimum of 20 members, $15 per member.
  • Partial Declaration: minimum of 5 members, $17 per member.
  • Membership of FMC runs from March – February, but we can accept applications at any time and discuss pro-rata fees for the first part-year.
  • Applicant clubs or groups do not need to be incorporated to apply.

Core benefits: provided only for number of members your club pays FMC for.

For each of your members that you’ve paid an annual fee, FMC will send the following to your club’s nominated address;

These become the responsibility of your club to distribute to your members as you see fit. At any time, your club can request less copies/cards than it is entitled to if it wishes. If your club thinks that distributing these items could be problematic, you could consider suggesting your members utilize the D2U service, where those items are sent directly to individuals from FMC for a nominal additional fee.

Other benefits for all your members

All of the members within any FMC affiliated club have access to these other benefits:


Affiliate to FMC now. 

Download and return the appropiate form below. Please feel free to get in touch and discuss these options with FMC before applying.

Pay a fee for every member in your club
Pay for just some of your members


Sign up for the D2U service

The D2U service is available for current members of FMC Clubs. See the D2U page for all the info.