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FMC for youth

We want to help support young people’s introduction to an outdoor life, and inspire them to be the future guardians of the recreational opportunities we all cherish.

Your support will allow us to ensure the backcountry remains accessible and affordable for schools and young people in the future. And it will raise the young people’s awareness of the vibrant mountain club culture in NZ, which FMC advocates on behalf of to preserve the future of mountain recreation.  

FMC has a number of options to allow young people to access the benefits of FMC membership.


How to join

There are several ways for young people to access the benefits of FMC:

For the young person

You can either join a club near you which is already affiliated to FMC.  Or if you prefer, you can become a NZ Youth Individual Supporter; (for people aged under 19 or still at secondary school)

For Secondary Schools and Youth Training organisations

You’d sign up the relevant people as Youth Leader SupportersSigning up additional people is a great way of showing your organisation’s appreciation by giving those adult access to the discount card and the magazine.  The young people in that school or organisation can then access the FMC benefits through their Youth Leader. Sign up now 


The benefits available

Backcountry magazine

Our quarterly magazine is entertaining, informative and tells the stories of our outdoor community and the threats we’re facing. 

Hard copies are provided by FMC directly to Youth Supporters, Youth Leader Supporters and our FMC clubs.

In addition, Youth Leader Supporters from schools can register any of their Y12 and Y13 students enrolled in Outdoor Recreation Unit Standards, and FMC will provide copies of the magazine for them at no extra charge. (Plus we can send you an extra copy for your school library!)

FMC Discount Card

Youth Supporters and Youth Leader Supporters are entitled to a FMC Discount Card, giving a wide range of offers and savings on outdoor gear, services and activities

Young people who belong to a club can also access the card.

FMC Expedition Scholarships

In 2010 FMC (supported by the FMC Mountain and Forest Trust and the Maerewhenua Trust) created Expedition Scholarships to encourage young people to dream up outdoor adventures. Young people who are linked to FMC can apply for up to $1000. 

Learn more about FMC Expedition Scholarships.

FMC Youth Award grants

FMC provides cash grants of up to $200 to support young people doing journeys and expeditions as part of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award or Scouts NZ Venturer Awards. Applications can be made by young people who are linked to FMC by one of the above memberships. 

Learn more about the FMC Youth Award Grant 

FMC Photo competitions and promotions

Youth Leaders are able to make an entry of the top photographs from your organisation to enter into our FMC photo competition

Youth Supporters are eligible to make an entry themselves. 

All young people with a current membership link to FMC are eligible to enter any of FMC’s one off promotions and competitions (which are advertised in our magazine, newsletter and Facebook page.)

FREE Mountain films for Schools 

FMC’s support of the NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival allows for any school to receive a free package of films from this year’s festival. 

Visit  FMC School Tour – Mountain Film Festival to register to receive the free films. 

Purchase FMC Packliners and Safety In the Mountains Manuals

Our proven packliners are available in bulk quantities from our online store.   As are copies of our Safety in the Mountains booklet, still in print since 1937. 

We can invoice schools directly if it helps, just let us know!


Join as a Youth Leader Supporter!

  • The cost of the FMC Youth Leader Supporter is $30 pa per person
  • Youth Leader sub runs from 1 Feb to 31 Jan
  • When you complete the online membership form, you will be asked to name the School or Youth Organisation you work with.

Join online as a Youth Leader Supporter now

 If you want your school to pay your fee, select “Independent Payment” as the payment method, then email  administrator@fmc.org.nz and ask us to send your school an invoice for the supporter fee for as many Youth Leaders as you would like to register.