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The Voice of New Zealand’s Outdoors People.

Federated Mountain Clubs (FMC), founded in 1931, represents 96 clubs, 21,784 members* and 300,000 people that regularly recreate in our backcountry. Our members explore New Zealand by foot, bike, canoe and kayak, seeking beauty, challenge and friendship. Each year they elect an FMC Executive to encourage and protect these opportunities.

FMC balances our different roles in the community. By celebrating outdoor recreation and the natural environment we build our standing for when we must advocate against the ideas of others that we think unwise. Our FMC communications celebrate what we do and what we have. Through FMC’s Backcountry magazine, our Wilderlife blog, regular newsletter, Instagram account and Facebook page we reach out to our clubs, members and other everyday kiwis heading into the outdoors. We provided the leadership to encourage and enable practical stewardship of the backcountry, through formation of the Backcountry Trust (huts and track maintenance and development). We offer scholarships and grants to members, young and old, to enable them to venture further into the wilderness, and arrange discounts on products and services to our members.



FMC advocates when required. We promote the interests of outdoor recreationalists and mediate the blurred line between conservation and development. We have achieved increased protection of our natural landscapes through National Parks, Conservation Parks and Wilderness Areas. We protect the important legacy of the Backcountry  hut and track network, seek further public access to our public conservation land and contribute to farsighted conservation planning processes. Unwise projects, like the Haast Hollyford Highway and Fiordland Monorail sometimes appear to be fought.

FMC continues to be confident about where we stand. We are a democratic organisation. Our thinking is clear, transparent and open to debate. Freedom of the hills, stewardship of the land and a belief in egalitarianism in the mountains are principles that shape the leadership we provide and the actions we undertake. Our strength comes from our active participation in outdoor recreation, our enduring connection with the land, our wide membership and the commitment of our volunteers.

To see how we translate this to practical initiatives read our FMC Strategic Plan 2018-20

*as recorded in FMC’s 2020 annual report

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