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Would a little bit of cash make the difference in running a certain course for your club?  Allow a few more people to get on that Outdoor First Aid Training?  Help one of your leaders do a professionally run Alpine Instructors refresher course? Get your club president some training in conflict resolution or governance?

The FMC Training grant was established in 2020, to support FMC clubs by making training opportunities a little more accessible.

The grants are in cash to the club, and are made possible through the support of the FMC Mountain and Forest Trust. 

A full list of criteria can be found on the application form.

Applications must be received by 15 September, and will be awarded in October.  For the 2021 Grant round, a total of $2,000 is available. 

Ready to apply?

Download the application for a grant now!

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Record of past recipients:

The links go to the stories provided by the club about the training activity which was supported.



Wellington TMC and Tararua TC members on a Leadership Development Course, Remutaka Ranges ???? Matt Conway