FMC to Support Packrafting

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FMC to Support Packrafting

FMC is pleased to announce that Packrafting has been chosen as the supported pursuit for FMC’s 2017/18 Outdoor Community campaign.  This campaign was initiated in 2015 to identify and enhance the diverse array of recreational pursuits that member clubs and individuals are passionate about. The campaign identifies a pursuit annually that, “takes place in the same environment as tramping and shares the ethos of exploration, companionship and appreciation of nature”, and make its development a priority for FMC over a July – June period.

FMC is proud to be working with the Packrafting community as well as Whitewater New Zealand to support the pursuit as it develops.  We are currently working to identify areas where FMC can offer support, and will be developing these as the year progresses.

Packrafting involves the use of a small, inflatable craft to paddle a waterway. Usually, it involves walking some distance to the beginning of the paddling, however given their portability and forgiving nature, packrafts are being increasingly used for vehicle accessible rivers.

Packrafting trips vary along the continuum of paddling challenge and walking challenge. So packrafting could be the use of a raft to cross a large river or lake during an extended tramp. It could be means of extreme athletes walking into difficult remote rivers, where helicopters may not be allowed.  Or anything in between.

The sport has been around in New Zealand in various forms for a while now, but recently has experienced a surge in popularity. FMC hopes to support the responsible development of the sport as it grows.

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