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The Remarkables National Park

The Remarkables National Park campaign, launched in June 2017, seeks to bring to fruition a long-held dream, a national park that celebrates  the dry highlands of Otago and Southland. A highland national park for the next generation of highlanders.

In the year 2000, when Federated Mountain Clubs and Forest & Bird launched the “Six-Pack of Parks” campaign that over the next decade saw a network of conservation parks created in the rain-shadow of the Southern Alps, it was the values of this vast region that sparked the movement. The history, biodiversity, recreational opportunity and stories that linger in the valleys of the Nevis, Waikaia and Pomahaka, or are told by the wind across the Hector / Tapuae O Uenuku, Old Man / Kopuwai, Garvie or The Remarkables ranges are compelling in their case for further protection. This jewel of the highcountry remains to be protected.

‘The Remarkables, with a crest from 7000 feet to 7600 feet high, rise steeply from the shore of Lake Wakatipu by a series of stupendous declivities. forming a spectacle that for absorbing grandeur is unrivalled in New Zealand….Professor James Park, 1908’


Federated Mountain Clubs, with the help of many in the outdoor community, and supported by Forest & Bird, reveal a mere summary of the treasures of these rivers and ranges in The Remarkables National Park booklet. We ask you to read this story, consider its merits, and add your support to this campaign (click on the image below to read the booklet, or alternatively Click here to download a PDF

Where to from here?

The Remarkables National Park campaign was launched in June 2017.  The proposed National Park links four district councils, traverses or neighbours many iconic highcountry stations and is the treasured hinterland of many communities. Expect to see more stories in the media, and more of the incredible secrets of this place revealed.  If you would like us to come and talk to your group or organisation please get in touch.

What can you do?

Spread the word about the campaign on social media.

What is special to you about the places considered by this proposal? What stories need to be told? How would this National Park benefit your community? Talk to your friends and neighbours about what a great opportunity we have for a highland national park.

  • Join the discussion on our FMC Facebook Page, and share our posts.
  • Check out all the public Facebook stories directly relating to the proposal with #remarkablesnationalpark
  • Share your own stories and photos on your own channels. Don’t forget to include the hashtag!
  • Write to local news papers showing your support.

Write to your representatives about your views

If you support the proposal we encourage you to contact your local Mayor or Councillors and ensure that they are supporting the National Park. Write to the Conservation Minister, and your MP’s to ask for their support.  Here’s some email addresses to get you started:

Join FMC via your club or as an individual supporter

Every membership shows the support of one more person to FMC’s mission. Either talk to your club about affiliating with FMC, or consider joining as an individual supporter.

Donate to FMC Mountain and Forest Trust

The trust helps fund a number of activities that FMC is involved in, and every bit counts towards our vision.

You can learn about the trust and donate on our site.

Contact FMC directly

If you have specific concerns or views and wish to talk to FMC directly, please contact us.

Photos and Map

The map of this Otago/Southland highland region and photos are available at this link.

These materials may be used with attribution, as per the file name, by media and social media in relation to coverage of The Remarkables National Park proposal.