Introducing KiwiShare – Federated Mountain Clubs’ 2020 election campaign

KiwiShare is about New Zealanders’ place in our wild outdoors. It’s about genuinely fostering backcountry recreation for all New Zealanders and properly looking after the land that is our home.

We’ve come up with some policies that we think will make our backcountry a better place to be, and now we need your help to get politicians and political parties on board.

KiwiShare started as an FMC initiative to prioritise Kiwis’ access to booking Department of Conservation huts but it’s now much more than that.

We’re calling on political parties to:

  • give all Kiwi schoolkids an outdoor education
  • get kauri dieback science sorted
  • turn special lands into parks
  • commit to better linking of public lands to boost recreation opportunities,
  • ramp up DOC’s funding and standing, and more.

See our website to find out more about FMC’s KiwiShare campaign.

Also, check out separate webpages we’ve made for two KiwiShare policies. Our Wild Rivers park mini-campaign is aimed at creating a new park around wild rivers on the South Island’s West Coast. And Same as State Highway 1 emphasises that unformed legal roads are roads – just as state highways are – and advocates for Walking Access Commission control of them.

There’s a handy guide to KiwiShare available as a pull-out section of the June Backcountry, or you can download a copy here. If you’d like more copies, or to see if a representative from FMC can speak to your club about KiwiShare, please get in touch with FMC’s Executive Officer.

FMC Election Campaign resources


Authorised by Jan Finlayson,
Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ Inc,
29 Cox Street, Geraldine 7930

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