Backcountry Hut Pass discount at Lake Waikaremoana huts

One of many benefits of an FMC Membership Card is a 30% discount on DOC’s Backcountry Hut Pass. While a Backcountry Hut Pass cannot be used at Great Walk huts, it does nonetheless offer a 10% discount to FMC card holders on all Great Walk hut bookings, provided these are made at a DOC Visitor Centre.

Recently, a tramper reported to FMC that she was unable to redeem discount for Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk hut bookings.

DOC’s Director of Pricing and Economics Laura White responded to our query:

“We can confirm that holders of a valid 12 month Backcountry Hut Pass are entitled to the 10% discount on all Great Walk huts in accordance with the Department’s Terms and Conditions. This discount is processed via visitor centres.  There has been no policy change in this regard.”

Pass holders experiencing difficulty redeeming discount at the Te Urewera Visitor Centre should, for now, contact any other Department of Conservation Visitor Centre to redeem the discount.

Photo at top: Panekire Hut, Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk, Te Urewera. Photo (c) D Hegg

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