DOC to add Mount Somers Huts to booking system

The Department of Conservation is planning to add the popular Woolshed Creek Hut and Pinnacles Hut on Mt Somers (Canterbury) to its hut booking system.

The main points of the proposal are summarised below:

  • The proposal is for both Woolshed and Pinnacles to be on the booking system from 1 October to 30 April, starting 1 October 2019.
  • The price of both huts is going stay the same. The Annual Hut Pass can still be used to book either hut, but currently only for bookings made at a DOC office, not for online bookings. DOC have promised that the Annual Hut Pass will be fully integrated with the online booking system starting summer 2020 / 2021.
  • The reason for going on the booking system is primarily focussed on improving visitor experience (i.e. reduce overcrowding experience, provide surety of getting a bunk).
  • Hut wardens will be able to accept un-booked people if space permits (DOC is working on the specifics of how it can update the warden with that nights bookings, easy at Pinnacles slightly tricky at Woolshed!).
  • ‘Shelter from the Storm’ is a principle that will apply no matter how full the hut is.

For additional information, read the letter sent by DOC Operations Manager Duncan Toogood to FMC President Jan Finlayson.

You can read FMC’s policy on huts and booking systems here.

We would like to hear FMC member clubs’ and individual supporters’ opinion on the following points:

  • Should Woolshed Creek Hut and Pinnacles Hut be on the booking system at all?
  • If yes, only one (which one?), or both?
  • What calendar period should be covered by the booking system?
  • How would the booking system affect club members’ ability to use the huts?
  • What reasons do you see for and against the huts going on the booking system?

FMC member clubs and individual supporters are encouraged to share their views on the proposal by e-mailing FMC Executive Officer Danilo Hegg at no later than 25 August 2019.


Photo at top: Woolshed Creek Hut, Mt Somers. (c) Danilo Hegg

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