FMC welcomes Walking Access Act 2008 Review

Ten years ago the New Zealand Walking Access Commission was established, tasked to lead and support the negotiation, establishment, maintenance and improvement of free, certain, enduring, and practical walking access to the outdoors.

The Walking Access Act 2008, which established the Commission, is about to begin its statutory review. The review of the Act must consider the need for the Act itself, its operation and effectiveness, and whether any amendments to the Act are necessary or desirable. A report on the findings of the review needs to be completed and presented to the House of Representatives by the end of September 2019.

FMC welcomes the review, and remains a strong supporter of the Walking Access Commission.

Terms of reference for the review are found here.

A media release by the Walking Access Commission on the review of the Act can be found here.

A media release and Q&A by the Ministry for Primary Industries can be found here.

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