DOC to cull Himalayan tahr population

As recently highlighted in the news, the population of Himalayan tahr in the Southern Alps appears to be out of control. While it’s meant to be capped at 10,000 animals, current estimates put it at 35,000, with the potential to increase by another 5,000 during the next breeding season.

On top of a target of 7,500 tahr to be harvested by recreational hunters and WARO during the upcoming season, DOC will be culling 10,000 animals prior to mid November 2018.

The main control method used will be shooting from helicopters. This will result in higher noise levels in the controlled areas, including wilderness areas. Given that the cull is meant to be completed by mid November, it will mostly coincide with spring, a time of the year when travel in the alpine zone is difficult. We hope that the impact on tramping parties is going to be limited.

Read the full statement released by the Department of Conservation in the attached letter.

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