Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

//Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

Resource Legislation Amendment Bill

The Resource Legislation Amendment Bill “opens” numerous Acts including the RMA, the Reserves Act and the Conservation Act and makes targeted changes.

Any changes to conservation law needs to be very carefully thought through to ensure ongoing protection of our nature.

The changes proposed through this process thus far are largely focused on urban planning issues, but there are some matters for concern and further consideration, particularly the change in process for concessions under the Conservation Act which reduces the time for public response from 40 days to 20 days, putting further pressure on those, largely volunteers, that speak on behalf of our wild places. The difficulties of responding to future proposals of the nature of the Fiordland Monorail or Dart-Hollyford Tunnel in half the time, probably do not need elaborating.

Read FMC’s submission here: FMC Submission RLA Bill

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