In August 2021, FMC produced and distributed stickers to its members via Backcountry magazine.

The stickers were inserted in the magazine, at no extra cost to members or additional emissions or impacts.

Our printer has made them with a type of paper known as “Roc Tack”


Roc Tack is made from Calcium Carbonate, (hence “stonepaper”) and has a has a significantly lower environmental impact than normal paper.

It has a low CO2 emission profile

It beneficially reuses a waste stream

It’s manufacture does not pollute waterways and rivers with toxic effluent

It’s manufacture uses relatively little energy utilising solar power.

It is recyclable in category 2 HDPE streams.


It is waterproof, but photo-degradeable (Ie, it in strong sunlight, it breaks down to rock dust). Even the ‘plastic feeling’ release paper is “Kraft liner which is as recyclable [as the main paper].”

We think its an environmentally friendly sticker option to have our name where people need to see it, and will be weatherproof enough for drink bottles, gear bins, hut books etc.  Just don’t pop it on your bumper, or all you’ll end up with is a ghostly white dust ;0)


If you have feedback on this sticker, or its credentials, contact