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FMC launched our Recreation Transition campaign in 2019, to coincide with the passing of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill. The legislation, which passed with cross-party support, provides a start line for a move towards a low carbon society.  The political leadership has provided an opportunity for organisations like FMC, to continue to build broad support across our communities for the required changes.

FMC believes that through a Recreation Transition we can not only reduce our carbon usage but create stronger, healthier, more knowledgable and fun-loving communities, who live every bit as a fulfilling and adventurous outdoor life as that currently enjoyed. The changes required are both physical – the infrastructure for low-carbon recreation, such as local tracks, cycleways, camping opportunities, electric transport options, and pyschological – individuals reimagining their recreation, people enjoying many layers of experience at familiar places, communities forming rich connections within landscapes.

Mission: FMC believes that a low-carbon recreation future with a greater focus on local communities and opportunities, will be fun, fulfilling and have no shortage of potential for adventure and exploration. We want to share this message and help the outdoor community on this journey. 

Where to from here?

FMC will be introducing the concept of a Recreation Transition across our range of activities. Expect to see opinion pieces, in both our media and external media. Expect to see profiles of pioneers who have been paving the way for a recreation transition for years and case studies of how clubs and groups have been reducing their carbon emissions. Expect to see the need for a recreation transition reflected in FMC’s submissions and advocacy. Expect to see the recreation transition theme pop up regularly across our media channels and regular activities.

What can you do?

FMC is inviting all interested people to connect with and contribute to this campaign, please contact our campaign convenor Jamie Stewart, with any ideas or offers of assistance. Email:

Use and spread the central ideas of the recreation transition campaign: #recreationtransition #frommybackdoor #layersofexperience