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Wild Rivers campaign

FMC is a founding member of the Wild Rivers campaign and is active in supporting the need for better protection for New Zealand’s magnificent Wild Rivers.The campaign vision is:

Wild rivers are not renewable. New Zealand’s remaining wild rivers must be protected for future generations as national treasures.

  • Wild rivers need the same protection as national parks.
  • New Zealand’s energy future does not need to sacrifice our remaining wild rivers.
  • Wild rivers are free to be enjoyed by everyone.
  • New Zealanders are passionate about wild rivers, which are central to our national identity and international reputation

Rivers we’re fighting for

Wild Rivers across the country are under threat. FMC is active in protecting these rivers from threats at present:

Mokihinui River in the Buller District

Meridian has applied to build a large dam, inundating the Mokihinui Gorge. Recently commissioners granted the resource consents. The Department of Conservation, Forest & Bird, WhitewaterNZ and West Coast ENT are appealing the decision and FMC will support the appellants. We also wish to ensure that the Minister of Conservation declines the applications for a landswap and concessions, which are required to allow the dam to proceed.

Mokihinui Share Certificate

F & B Save the Mokihinui Campaign

Forest & Bird are running an active campaign to preserve the Mokihinui River. You can support this campaign by buying one of these “Mokihinui Shareholder Certificates” Go to Save the Mokihinui.

Hurunui River in North Canterbury

FMC submitted in support of the Water Conservation Order application for the Hurunui River that is spearheaded by Fish & Game, Whitewater NZ and Forest & Bird.The WCO was partially successful, with protection of the South Branch granted, but the recent Environment Canterbury Act has overruled the Environment Court process the WCO was still going through. The fate of legal protection for the Hurunui hangs in the balance.

We also submitted in opposition to resource consents to dam the South Branch and a wier to raise the level of Lake Sumner in the North Branch. The consent process is continuing and we will continue to oppose it.

FMC is confident that there are viable alternatives for sustainable water storage to aid in drought mitigation and irrigation of North Canterbury farmland. The wild Hurunui River does not need to be dammed.

Other Rivers

All wild rivers in Canterbury hang in the balance following Government legislation to change the process and criteria for Water Conservation Orders in the region. This is of serious concern to FMC and we are monitoring developments. You can express your concern here.

FMC is concerned at a proposal for a hydro-scheme on the Waitaha River in Westland, and supports the WCO on the Nevis River in Central Otago.

More information

The FMC Bulletin has published a series of Wild River articles by executive member Quentin Duthie over the past two years.

May 2010 – Wild Rivers update: Mokihinui and Canterbury (forthcoming)

November 2009 – Rivers – Wild and Free (part 3)

August 2009 – Rivers – Wild and Free (part 2)

March 2009 –  Rivers – Wild and Free

August 2008 – A personal account of rafting the Mokihinui

You can go to Wild Rivers website for more information

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