FMC says some places are too precious to mine

Schedule 4 lists New Zealand’s most special places – including national parks and wilderness area – which have been protected from mining since 1997. FMC strongly opposes the Government’s proposal, which fundamentally undermines the integrity of both national parks and Schedule 4 itself.

2precious2mine website created

FMC has funded the creation of a website for the campaign where you can learn more and have your say.

The inevitable environmental impact of mining

OceanaGold’s Globe Progress gold mine in Victoria Conservation Park near Reefton. It is an example of a modern mine – it has only been in operation a few years. It has been fined for polluting a local stream 15 times, and pleaded guilty in the Environment Court.

Tramping tracks pass near this mine and its massive tailings dam. The local Tramping Club reports that DoC has had to close sections of their track to accommodate the needs of the mine.  The photos tell their own story !



FMC is maintaining a watching brief on all issues associated with mining on our conservation land.

page updated 5/10/2011