Speaking Out

Advocacy is fundamental to FMC, we are the voice of our 20,000 members and the wider outdoors community. We advocate for increased participation and opportunity in outdoor recreation alongside wise management of our natural resources. As founding FMC President, Fred Vosseler said in 1932:

We must closely guard the welfare of our National Parks and Reserves. These should not be regarded as the property of our minister or the government. They belong to the people of today and tomorrow. We must fight for their protection if necessary.”

FMC has been true to this statement and has been influential in public participation in the management of our public lands for over 80 years. Our achievements in this regard include increased protection for natural areas through National Parks, Wilderness Areas and Conservation Parks, the creation of recreational opportunities, most notably through the Walkways Access Commission, the embedding of public participation through Conservation Boards and their predecessors and the prevention of inappropriate development, including the Haast Hollyford ‘Zombie Highway'(it keeps rising from the dead) and most recently the Milford Dart Tunnel and the Fiordland Monorail.

What we have done

Established policy to guide our submissions

Made submissions in regards to the issues that matter to us

Made available our archives for review and study.

Get Involved

We are keen to encourage a wider contribution to the conservation issues of the day watch here for opportunities to get involved. If you have any issues you believe FMC should be advocating on please contact your local Executive member.