COVID-19: FMC’s advice to clubs and backcountry users

//COVID-19: FMC’s advice to clubs and backcountry users

COVID-19: FMC’s advice to clubs and backcountry users

Running for the hills?

These are sad and stressful times for many, as we grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While this might seem like a great time to escape the craziness of the current COVID-19 pandemic in the backcountry, FMC urges all outdoor users to take the Government’s advice seriously. 

Contrary or misleading information is easy to come by; please ensure that the advice you follow is up to date, and comes from an authentic official source;

The bottom line advice from DOC is simple and straightforward: 

During Alert Level 4 people must stay home unless walking or exercising close to home – following guidance on minimum separation* and hygiene requirements.

*The whole point of these measures is to avoid the possibility of transmission of the virus between people. Any exercise close to home must be alone, or with people that you live with. You cannot go anywhere, with anyone you do not live with, at alert level 4.  The 2 meter minimum separation is a measure to reduce the chance of transmission during that allowable exercise, and during any essential trips (such as to the supermarket).

The DOC site has further guidance on huts, overnight trips, hunting, search and rescue. We are grateful to the Department for consulting with FMC regarding the wording of their advice. 

The sooner we take this seriously and stay at home, the sooner we’ll all be back in the hills with no restrictions.


Advice for clubs around AGM’s and annual reporting requirements. 

With the end of the financial year upon us, many clubs had planned to conduct AGM’s and file annual returns to the companies office, as part of their legal requirements to remain registered as an incorporated society.

Thank you to the Pukekohe Tramping Club who asked the question of MBIE and shared with us the advice:

We would recommend the society check its rules to see if there are restrictions as to how they conduct their meetings; if this is not covered then it is the society’s decision as to how the meeting will be held (e.g. online meeting options).

The society will still be required to meet its legal obligation to file financial statements with the Registrar, which first need to be approved at the AGM. If the society’s rules do not allow for online meeting options the society [should] consider postponing the AGM.

Should the society decide to postpone the AGM, we strongly recommend submitting a request for an extension for filing the society’s financial statements. This way our Compliance Team will be aware of the society’s intention to postpone the AGM and the subsequent delay in filing. You can either do this online or by sending a completed IS4A form to us by email to Full details on requesting an extension are available on our website.

Other guidance

If clubs or individual supporters have any specific requests for guidance which are not covered by the official government website, then FMC can try to help. Please contact the executive officer in the first instance; he will ensure your inquiry is passed to the most appropriate person. 

Impact on FMC services, competitions, scholarships etc

Day to day, FMC is a remotely operated organisation, where executive and staff work from home. There will undoubtedly be some changes over the coming months, and FMC is prioritising and addressing these as necessary. 

We will communicate any developments to our clubs as and when they are appropriate, using this web page, social media and special newsletters. For now, it is ‘keep calm and follow the government’s advice’. 


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