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FMC Executive

Although we do employ a small number of part-time staff, the volunteer executive are at the core of FMC’s work. The foundation of our success is the dedication of our volunteer executive and the contribution of our clubs. If you would like to step up to be part of the executive, contact one of the current members for a chat. Applications are invited in March each year.

The FMC Executive for 2021/2022 is listed below. This Executive took office on the 20th of May 2021.  Jan Finlayson is in her third year as President, whereas Neil Silverwood is Vice-President for the second year running. There are 10 Executive members including new members Raymond Ford, Keith Morfett and James Thornton. Click on the slides below to meet your FMC Executive.

The FMC Executive for 2021/2022 is:


President and Vice-President

Jan Finlayson021 502
Neil Silverwood021 078

FMC Executive

John Beech021 808 North
Allan Brent027 306
Owen Cox04 905
Megan Dimozantos021 804
Raymond Ford022 318
Neville Jones021 225
Lauren Kelley022 137
Ruari MacFarlane0204 017
Robin McNeill021 516
Keith Morfett027 324
Tony Walton027 478
James Thornton021 309

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