Our Campaigns

Over the course of our 80 year history, FMC has made a huge difference to the outdoor recreation opportunities and natural environments in New Zealand. Early activities were centred on encouraging and mapping the hut and track network, while resisting the exclusive commercial use of public land in Aoraki /Mt Cook. Subsequent years saw the development of training and safety practices and advocating for National Parks and National Park Boards.  As the environmental consciousness of the population grew FMC was part of the Save Manapouri Campaign and actions against the logging of native forests; while perhaps the defining achievement to date is the creation of a network of wilderness areas, free from any form of development for recreationalists to enjoy solitude and challenge.

Our work continues. Conservation Park and tenure review gains continue to enlarge the recreational opportunities in the South Island highcountry, the wilderness network is not complete and the Forgotten Lands campaign now seeks to ensure  a proper understanding, management and classification of stewardship land. We also resist unwise development proposals and most importantly assist in encouraging as many New Zealanders as possible get into the outdoors and celebrate outdoor recreation. People who love the outdoors, protect the outdoors.