DOC is reviewing the Hut Service Standards

The Department of Conservation has announced a review of the Hut Service Standards. FMC is providing feedback in the early stages of this review.


Hut Service Standards were first approved in 1999. They were reviewed and revised in 2004 (see the current document here).

Other organisations, such as the Backcountry Trust, are now maintaining huts and there have been a number of changes in backcountry recreation since 2004. A review of the standards is needed.


To review and revise the Hut Service Standards, ensuring that hut users are involved in the process, to ensure they meet the needs of today’s hut users.

Process from here

  • Current stage: DOC is seeking feedback from stakeholders. Additionally, DOC is seeking comment on the critical issues from its operations staff. Deadline for initial feedback is 13 September.
  • DOC will set up a service standards review team involving a handful of operations staff and managers to assist Brian Dobbie, as project lead, to work through the issues raised and changes sought.
  • DOC will run a workshop of the team and stakeholders to address the issues and draft changes.
  • Revised service standards will be sent to the team and stakeholders for feedback before final revised standards are submitted for approval.
  • DOC will then scope the changes that would be required to processes such as hut inspections.

If you have any comments or questions, e-mail FMC’s Executive Officer Danilo Hegg at



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