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What is the NZ Mountain Film Festival?

Founded in 2002, the NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival is a Charitable Trust, whose mission is to “use the power of film, art, spoken word and literature to inspire audiences to be more active while creating a better world”.

The festival showcases a number of mountain films of a variety of genres and themes over several days in central Otago each winter.  After the main festival, a selection of films are also screened regionally, as fundraisers for outdoors clubs as part of the NZMFF National tour. Learn more at

What is the NZMFF FMC School Tour?

Through the partnership of the Federated Mountain Clubs (FMC) with the NZMFF, a selection of films will be made available to be shown for free at schools as part of the NZMFF FMC School Tour.

Local hosts of the NZMFF National Tour will be invited to approach schools to offer this opportunity. It will then be up to the local host and school representative to organise the screening of the films. There is no prescribed format for the School Tour; films could be shown to the whole school at assembly, interested individuals during lunchtimes, or to classes during the day. It is up to the school to decide what suits them. The only requirement is that the free school tour screenings are arranged in such a way that only students and teachers can attend, and that the copyright of the original film makers is respected.

The main objective is to provide a free opportunity to inspire young Kiwi’s to get active in our mountains, and to foster a connection with these special environments in which they explore.

How do we get the NZMFF FMC School Tour at our school?

If no local host has approached your school, drop us a email: and we’ll try to put you in touch. If there’s no local host, we can assist you to get in contact with a local FMC affiliated club, to see if there’s interest for a National Tour event and a follow on FMC School Tour.

Other opportunities to support schools and students in the outdoors

There are also opportunities for schools, clubs or young individuals to access scholarships through the NZMFF and the FMC.

The NZMFF Grant Scheme offers funding of between $500-1000 supporting youth and environmental initiatives, as well as assisting people with disabilities to buy specialist sporting equipment.

FMC Youth scholarships offer funding of up to $1000 specifically for the expenses of a multi-day expedition in NZ. The FMC Youth Scholarship is only available to members of FMC affiliated clubs, FMC individual supporters or students of schools that are FMC Associate members.

FMC Associate Membership for a school has many benefits, especially for schools with an outdoor education program. Learn more at



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